Social Support — Community Partnerships

Bringing resources to our community through professional partners.

Holy Apostles partners with companies, other nonprofits, and other members of our community to bring resources to our guests. Our network of partners provides our guests with healthcare services, assistance with legal paperwork, pathways to housing and jobs, and much more.

Healthcare partnerships

Partnering with Healthcare Professionals.

Holy Apostles partners with a variety of healthcare partners to provide medical services to our guests. These partners provide flu shots, blood pressure screenings, basic medical care, HIV testing, and referrals to psychiatric, dental, and vision services.

Neighborhood Partners

Partnering with members of our neighborhood.

In our Chelsea neighborhood, we partner with members of our neighborhood, including Penn South, P.S. 33, and Hudson Guild. Our organizations collaborate to keep our neighbors connected to the various services we offer to help them lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Partner with us to bring services and resources to our guests.

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Other Partnerships & Resources

Working with community members to provide services and resources to our guests.

Holy Apostles partners with many organizations to provide services and resources to our guests. Our partners can provide assistance with health insurance (including Medicare and Medicaid), case management, mental health services, SNAP benefits (food stamps), housing placements, employment opportunities, and more.

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