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In 2023, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry (HASK) marked its 41st anniversary of service. It was a year in which the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic presented ongoing challenges for hungry New Yorkers and an opportunity for HASK to step up in new ways.

  • Our outdoor hot meal distribution provided 266,652 “Grab and Go” meals every weekday from 10:30am-12:30pm.
  • Through our Meal Outreach Program, we prepared 2,516 sandwiches each week for people who were unable to come
    to the Soup Kitchen. In 2023, the program delivered 130,848 breakfast sandwiches and bagged lunches to individuals
    experiencing homelessness who sleep in or around Penn Station as well as asylum seekers who were sent to New York City after applying for asylum at the southern border.
  • Our food pantry continues to be the largest meal program at HASK. In 2023, 3,127 unique households made a total of 36,780 visits to the pantry, which distributed over 2.2 million pounds of groceries.

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Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry marked its 40th anniversary in 2022, and it was a year like every other in that we didn’t miss a day of meal service, but it was also a year like no other.

Through these efforts, HASK cooked with over 886,000 pounds of recovered and donated food to serve 2.9 million meals across all meal programs, the most ever in the Soup Kitchen’s history:

  • Our weekday outdoor hot meal distribution provided of groceries, providing enough food to prepare 2.9 million meals.
  • Our weekday outdoor hot meal distribution provided Grab and Go meals.
  • HASK’s Meal Outreach delivered 73,401 sandwiches and bagged lunches to individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • 28,000 social service interactions.
  • 14,342 hours of volunteer work.

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For a printed copy of our Annual Report or Impact Report, please contact [email protected], or write to:

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, 296 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001.


Anna is especially interested in spiritual tenacity, courage and humor, and she has experienced all that and more at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. She feels it is a privilege and a joy to work with guests, volunteers and supporters in the work of establishing relationships focused on addressing immediate human needs.

Michael Ottley
Chief Operating Officer

A chef of nearly 30 years, Chef Michael’s passion is unearthing fresh, sustainable community agriculture and applying those concepts to operations at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. After two decades of working in hospitality management and food operations, Michael applied his craft and skills to a new demographic—New York City’s hungry and most vulnerable population.

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