Title: Classic Banner, Year B, Proper 10; Date: 1997; Artist: Vanderbilt Divinity Library staff; Scripture: Mark 6:14-29.
This event has passed.

The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost — Holy Eucharist (Said in the Muriel Moore Chapel)

We will gather for a celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 9 am in the Muriel Moore chapel on Sunday.

All are welcome as we gather together at 9:00 am in our beloved church.
Holy Eucharist (Said in the Muriel Moore Chapel)
Lesson: 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19
Psalm: 24
Epistle: Ephesians 1:3-14
Gospel: Mark 6:14-29
Coffee & Fellowship follow

Title: Feast of Herod; Date: 1533; Artist: Lucas Cranach (1472-1553); Scripture: Mark 6:14-29

Title: Feast of Herod; Date: 1533; Artist: Lucas Cranach (1472-1553); Building: Städel; Object/Function: Painting; City/Town: Frankfurt; Country: Germany; Scripture: Mark 6:14-29. Notes: Lucas Cranach was a German printmaker and painter who produced portraits, mythological scenes, engravings, and altarpieces. He was a supporter of the Protestant Reformation and was a friend to Martin Luther. As a result, his religious art shifted from a traditionally Catholic focus to attempts at expressing Lutheran theology. In his piece, Feast of Herod, we see a group of people seated around Herod’s table while a servant delivers a platter of fruits. Herod’s daughter, Herodias, offers him another platter upon which sets the head of John the Baptist. Herod’s face shows disgust and revulsion while his wife sits next to him with a pleasant smile. Herodias appears rather indifferent while those attending the feast join Herod in his revulsion. Permalink: https://diglib.library.vanderbilt.edu/act-imagelink.pl?RC=57973 (Use this link to refer back to this image.)


July 14, 2024 9:00 am - 9:45 am The Church of the Holy Apostles + Google Map (212) 807-6799 View Venue Website The Church of the Holy Apostles (212) 807-6799 info@holyapostlesnyc.org View Organizer Website Church, Community, Holy Eucharist (said), Mass, Outreach

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