“I was impressed with how kind everyone was.” – Addie

03.16.18 | Food for the Soul, Volunteer Stories

Voice of a Volunteer…Addie

Soup Kitchen volunteer coordinator Addie has big dreams on the horizon. We wished her farewell and good luck in February when she hung up her soup kitchen apron to begin training as a linguist for the U.S. Air Force.

Addie started volunteering at Holy Apostles during college, when she was taking a nutrition class and looking for a place to give back to and learn about emergency food operations.

“My first impressions of HASK were ‘Wow, this place is huge!’” she remembers. “The first time I came I was a bit nervous and not sure what to expect.” Any nerves she felt were immediately put to rest however after meeting the volunteer coordinator and being shown around. “I was impressed with how kind everyone was.”

Addie decided to come back again, and before long volunteering at the soup kitchen became a regular, weekly practice. One day, she heard the announcement for a volunteer coordinator opening and it was just the opportunity she knew she could find personal growth and valuable experience from.

“I wore many hats as a coordinator. Sometimes my job was to show new volunteers around, sometimes it was to call and confirm with groups and answer any questions they may have. Sometimes it was to type up things for the writers’ workshops, volunteer notes, or any kind of signage we needed. One time I helped at a volunteer information fair, and another time I helped a guest by calling his health insurance and trying to track down his replacement card. There was rarely a dull moment!” 

Addie believes this experience in a nonprofit environment is something that has prepared her for the future.“I realized I really find that kind of service gratifying. I’ve met people from so many different backgrounds, volunteers and guests alike, and I think that has really broadened my horizons as they say.” She is also grateful for the guidance she received from our Volunteer Managers. “They have both been great mentors to me and have taught me leadership skills I hope to apply to all my future endeavors.”

Today, as Addie “takes flight” toward her new and exciting career, we are grateful for her years of devotion helping other volunteers, and helping New Yorkers find nourishment at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. We wish her all the best!




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