Commission | The Rev. Dr. Anna S. Pearson, Rector

            In the dark comedy Harold and Maude, twenty-something, despairing, death-obsessed Harold loves life-affirming Maude, who is getting ready to celebrate her 80th birthday. Toward the end of the movie (spoiler alert), Harold arranges a surprise party for her. He decorates a room with all her favorite flowers and gives her a present and says he wants her to be happy. She tells him she is happy, and then shares with him that she won’t live much longer….

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

…In Sunday’s Gospel we will read, people decided that they weren’t ready to make the sacrifices that Jesus was asking of them. Maybe they didn’t understand what Jesus was asking them to do and when they discovered the reality, they decided it wasn’t for them. Maybe they thought they were willing, but when push comes to shove, they decided that it was just too much for them to take on….

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Guest Contributor | The Rev. Dr. Anna S. Pearson, Rector

Give-Away Song

This is my give-away—
not because I don’t want
it anymore,
not because it’s out of
style or
broken or….

…“‘Give-Away Song’ honors our Dakota value of generosity and sharing whatever we have with those around us. This poem is also a response to the missionaries and Indian agents who often reported that our ancestors did not know the value of things that the government provided them—blankets, flour, meat, food, tools, other supplies—and that when those goods were distributed, the people would immediately share with others who did not have as much as they did. But I think our ancestors did know exactly the value of things and that value only comes when you can share.”

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Morning Prayer | The Rev. Susan E. Hill, Associate Rector

As you know, for most of the pandemic, the Church of the Holy Apostles shifted to doing church online via Zoom, and since we were not able to share the Eucharist, we prayed Morning Prayer together instead. Some of you might already have been familiar with this service, while for others of you, especially if you are newer to the Episcopal Church, it was strange and new. But the practice of praying in the morning as a way of giving thanks and preparing for the day to come has very deep roots….

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

In Jesus’ Name | The Rev. Dr. Anna S. Pearson, Rector

On Easter Sunday, when we were still worshipping on Zoom, I walked from my apartment to the church to join the service from my office. As I made my way down 9th Avenue, I registered a person seated outside our gate. As I got closer, I saw that it was a woman and that she was distressed. She was rocking back and forth, holding her head in her hands and crying. Approaching the church, I started to make out what she was saying: “I need help!” she cried. “I need help in Jesus’ name.”…

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Heaven’s Grocery Store | The Rev. Robert Jacobs, Deacon

Perhaps it would be good for each of us to pause for a moment and look deeply into our own hearts and ask ourselves just what is the most impossible challenge we face in our Christian life today. Is it possibly the pandemic we have been experiencing, could it be financial, perhaps concern about our own health, family, those who refuse to take the vaccine? As we seriously consider the matter, would it be possible to place the value of that impossibility up against God’s power, and find a real and lasting solution that is pleasing to God?…

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

From, Anonymous | The Rev. Dr. Anna S. Pearson, Rector

One of my favorite things about New York City (from a long list of favorite things!) is the graffitied messages one finds popping up in unexpected places. I have many pictures of these communications, including the stenciling outside of Madison Square Garden on election day that said, “This Ghost Town Votes” to a recent sighting in the shiny shopping center of the Meatpacking district that said, “Too Many Humans, Not Enuf Souls.” There are even a couple of buildings in my neighborhood that have my name tagged on the exterior: Anna! With a big exclamation mark….

Why Are You Leaving? | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Belief | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

As Christians we are called to live a life of faith. When we have faith in Jesus Christ we are saying that we trust Him, that our life belongs to Him. That we may not know what lies ahead, but we know that He is there. As we journey through Mark’s Gospel we see many people responding in faith to Jesus and His works and words. This is what we do, we hear, we read, we follow Jesus. He amazes us by what we see in Him – his love, sacrifice, mercy, grace and hope….


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